‘My Hair Won’t Grow Past a Certain Length’: The Causes and Remedies


‘My hair won’t grow past a certain length’ is quite a common hair complaint. The stunt of hair growth or lack of length can be contributed to a number of reasons. Diet, over-processing, handling your hair too roughly and even cutting it too often are all factors to consider if your hair isn’t growing longer.

Firstly, we will deal with the cosmetic side of hair length. More often than not, it’s not that your hair isn’t growing, but that it’s breaking off. No matter how good your diet, if your hair is frequently snapping off at the ends the length will be affected. Hair grows about half an inch a month, so, if your hair is breaking approximately that much in the same time period, it will stay the same length. This hair breakage can be caused by the incorrect and frequent use of straightening irons, curlers and tongs. And also using a hair-dryer without protective serum, using uncovered elastic bands, or brushing your hair too often or too roughly. All of these processes can cause your hair to lose excessive amounts of moisture,  causing dryness, brittleness and loss of elasticity, which lead to breakage. The way to minimize this breakage is to use products that will inject moisture back into the hair shaft and products that protect your hair from heat. Also, be gentle with your hair when styling, brushing, removing tangles and towel drying.

This same logic applies to cutting and trimming your hair. For instanace, many women go to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks to get their hair trimmed. In 8 weeks, your hair will grow approximately 1 inch. Therefore, if you are cutting off 1 inch of hair (or more) every 2 months, your hair will remain the same length. It is important to keep the ends of your hair in good shape, but if you want length, either have your hair cut less often or only ask for a minimal amount to be taken off. Furthermore, if you take better care of your hair on a daily basis, as described above, you will also need to get trims less often.

Diet is another reason for hair not growing past a certain length. Low ferritin levels can affect the growth cycle of hair, especially in women.  Ferritin is your body’s iron storage. It can have a profound impact on the health of your hair as good levels of ferritin optimize hair growth. A lack of ferritin can result in the hair moving out of the ‘growing phase’ and into the ‘shedding phase’ sooner than it should. In women, ferritin levels should be over 80 for optimum hair growth. Anything below this can result in your hair falling out before it has reached the desired length. An underactive/overactive thyroid can also do this. Getting your thyroid and iron levels checked is also a good idea if your hair isn’t growing past a certain length.

Vitamins B12 and Zinc are also important when it comes to hair length and texture. Insufficient levels of zinc can affect hair texture by causing brittleness and therefore breakage. Adequate protein intake at breakfast and lunch should be taken into account as well. However, always consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as too much of any vitamin/mineral can be detrimental to your health.

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  1. colleen smith says:

    I have seen doctor’s an had everything checked.I wash my hair daily with conditioner an nothing seems to get my hair to grow lone.I have fine baby like hair.I don’t blow dry my hair an use a curling iron once in awhile.I do take a b-vitamin an biton but still no luck,any suggestions what to do next?HELP!

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Colleen, thinning hair, or hair not growing to the length it used to, can be attributed to many factors including genetics, diet and hormonal imbalances. We suggest you contact our London clinic to book an appointment to see a trichologist – they will take a full medical and family history and probably send you to have blood tests (as well as examining your hair and scalp). You can reach us on 0207-629-4004. Please let us know if you have any further questions. The PK Team.

  2. Char says:

    I’ve had all thyroid tests done which came back normal, I take my daily supplements (including B12 and Zinc). Also I drink adequate protein shakes daily and drink plenty of water. I refrain from eating too much sugar and am in very good health. My hair doesn’t appear to grow longer. It just keeps getting thicker and thicker, but not any longer. I used to have a thinning problem, but since I’ve added MSM to my regime, my hair has gotten significantly thicker. How can I get it to finally start growing?

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Char. Your hair may be breaking at the ends if it is getting thicker, but the length is not improving. Do you process or regularly heat style your hair? Hormonal and metabolic imbalances can also cause your hair to shed before it reaches its optimum length. Have you has these levels tested as well? The PK Team.

      • Charlene says:

        Hi PK Team!

        Thanks so much for your reply. I truly believe that it’s hormonal. In answer to your question – NO I haven’t had my hormones checked. I just became so frustrated. Maybe I’ll get them checked. Thanks again!

      • Char says:

        Hello. I have since had my hormone and metabolic imbalances checked. I was told that the levels were slightly “off” but not enough to cause hair breakage. Since my last post (11/28/12) my hair has grown my hair has grown only 1 1/8″ longer. (That’s 7 months)…..For the past two months, it has been at the same length. I am now taking garlic pills to see if that will help with any “unknown” shedding. I am also saturating my scalp at night before bedtime, with Rosemary oil. And massaging it before going to sleep. My hair is still grow way too slow. I was in a hair growing contest. One of my friends has hair that fall out all of the time and you can literally see it. You cannot see my hair falling at all. Her hair (which was the same length as mine 3 months ago) is now 1 1/2″ longer. My hair is still the same length.

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi Colleen. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for the past three years and it still won’t grow longer than a few inches below my shoulders. I have very thick, wavy hair and ive been taking vitamins for hair growth every day for about a year now and only seeing minimal results. I don’t heat style my hair regularly, maybe I will about once a month and when I do I use a heat protectant spray. I also only use shampoo and conditioner without sulfates but my hair continues to be prone to split ends and breakage. I don’t know what else I can do now, please help me if you can!

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Jessica. If your hair is breaking and splitting at the ends, you should use a weekly pre-shampoo intensive conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week. We make one called ‘Elasticizer’ and it’s extremely effective at restoring hydration and elasticity to hair. It’s also a good idea to have split ends trimmed off, as they can break further up your hair shaft and cause more damage. While the correct use of vitamins and supplements can help improve the condition of hair that is growing from the root, they won’t not have any effect on the ends of your hair. It is also very important to eat a nutritious diet to encourage strong, healthy hair growth. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

      • Jessica says:

        HI PK Team,
        Thanks for your replies. Please note that my splitting ends have been trimmed many times and all this does is make my hair shorter and neater. I always have a nutritious diet and I consume at least one gallon of water per day. I exercise regularly and keep my hair moisturized and hydrated. I’ve even gone to a couple of dermatologists as well as my doctor, only to be told that I’m in perfect health condition (no thyroid problems, etc.). I deep (intensive) condition my hair every week. Please note that my hair goes through “growing spurts.” There are times when I will actually gain 2″ of hair growth in 1 month, but then most of the time it only grows 1/4″ per month. I hardly ever see any hairs on my brush or comb and rarely see any fallen hairs after showering or washing my hair. When my hair is done by professionals, they say that I don’t have split ends, but that it is actually new growth that is trying to catch up to the rest of my hair growth. It just seems pretty weird to me. Since I had originally written to you, my hair has grown 3″, except for the “new growth” which is actually 2″ longer now. Is there any information out there about something of this nature? When I had split ends, I knew about it. This is not the case. My hair just tends to grow unevenly. Could it possibly be due to the Anagen/Catagen/Telogen phases of hair growth that is making my hair so uneven all of the time? Sorry for all of the questions, but I’ve tried everything out there and continue to end up with the same results. Thanks again!

      • pkoffice01 says:

        Hi Jessica. You are absolutely correct – your hair will never all be the same length due to the hair growth cycle. If your hair is not splitting or breaking, and you are not seeing increased shedding we suggest you make an appointment to see a trichologist if it doesn’t seem to get past a certain length. There can be many factors involved in the disruption of hair growth and without seeing your hair & scalp and/or looking at blood tests, going through your medical history, diet and lifestyle it is very hard to say what is causing it. You can reach our London Clinic on 0207-629-4004 if you wish to make an appointment. The PK Team.

  4. Gillian says:

    Hi, so my hair absolutely will not grow past a certain length and I really want long hair very badly it’s just not working. Any suggestions I do use tue flat iron and curling iron quite often but I use heat protection…?? I don’t know what’s wrong?

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Gillian. Flat irons and curling irons can cause a huge amount of damage and breakage to your hair if you use them too often, leave them on your hair for too long, use a very high heat setting or apply too much traction when pulling them through your style. This is even if you are using heat protection, as applying heat to hair that is already dried reduces moisture content & elasticity. If your hair is constantly breaking at the ends, this could definitely cause your hair not to reach beyond a certain length. We suggest you reduce your use of the irons to as little as possible, and use an intensive moisturizing mask 2x a week, such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. Also, be gentle when you brush and style your hair and always remove tangles starting at the ends of your hair and working up to the roots. You should also look at your diet, such as protein and iron intake and ferritin levels. We hope this helps! The PK team.

  5. Larkin Murphy says:

    So I’ve been trying to grow my hair out now for 5 years and it will not grow.
    I had an eating disorder for years which caused my hair to thin but now (4 years later) my hair still will not grow. I’ve tried Biotin, PreNatal Vitamins, Multi-Vitamins, Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins.. you name it, I’ve tried it. I also tried not washing my hair as often (which isn’t too nice since I have greasy hair) I do a weekly hair mask for any damage and I always use a heat protectant when straightening my hair. I stopped blow drying my hair and bushing it less, also, I get about 3 trims a year for any dead ends. Any hair stylist I go to thinks my hair is super heathy, no breakage, and smooth but it won’t grow? My thyroid has been checked an iron levels, I don’t know what to do.

    Please, help.
    Thank You!

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Larkin. We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty growing your hair. Eating disorders can certainly have a huge impact on your hair health, but if you have been eating correctly for the past 5 years this would have corrected itself. It is very important to eat a balanced diet, including both proteins and complex carbohydrates, as well as take the supplements you are perscribed as supplements alone are not enough to sustain hair growth. There are one of two things that could be causing your problem though: either your hair is breaking (which it doesn’t sound like it is) or there is something metabolic going on. How long is your hair growing to? And did you hair used to be able to reach a longer length? Also, have you ahd your ferritin levels checked? Age can be a factor to consider as well. We suggest you make an appointment to see a trichologist who will send you for all of the relevant blood tests and be able to analyse them – the way that your GP will view test results differ from how a trichologist will look at them. Your hair is not a vital organ, so the numbers needed to support hair growth are different to those needed to sustain other bodily functions. Also, you should wash your hair at least every other day (preferably daily). Daily shampooing does not cause hair loss, it in fact helps it! We hope this helps. The PK Team.

      • Larkin Murphy says:

        Thank you for the great reply!
        Yes I will definitely get some more tests done to see what the problem may be. I was always told that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday? But ill definitely start washing it more frequently now.
        My hair only grows to right above my chest. It’s been this length for years and I hate it. I’ve only dyed my hair once and that was to a more darker shade. I do however straighten my hair once a day (with two types of heat protectant) but I never use a blow dryer.

  6. Lorena says:

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    Great site, continue the good work!

  7. Mindy says:

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  8. glenda says:

    Hi my hair is thin i wish i had thicker hair and longer but it seems like it stopped growing and i have it in my shoulders what can i do so it will grow at least long? ?

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Glenda,
      Have you had any recent blood work done checking your ferritin, iron and thyroid levels? Deficiencies in these can be a cause of hair not growing past a certain length. Lack of protein, your age, and also hair breakage can be factors to consider as well. The PK Team.

  9. Lindsey says:

    I use a flat iron or curling iron just about every day, but my hair seems to be fine. It is exceptionally soft – people always compliment me on it – and has a great color. I have never colored my hair before. However, I cut off about three inches of hair two years ago (they were all split ends since I skipped a year of trims) and it has never grown back. My hair is decently thin and disproportionatly wavy. I know I shouldn’t be styling it every day, but my natural hair is not pretty. Any tips on how to style my hair without irons? And I don’t want to wear updo’s every day. Thanks!

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Lindsey. Unfortunately, if you use straighteners every day you will damage your hair and cause breakage. However, using a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment twice a week will help to restore elasticity – and using a heat protecting styling product will also offer some protection. If you would like to try giving your hair a break and let it dry naturally, we do have a product called ‘Curl Activator’ that helps reduce frizziness associated with curly hair while giving you nice, shiny waves. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

  10. Nikki says:

    I am almost 35 and have been growing my hair since I was 12 but it does not appear to grow. Infact it is the same length and I have not had it cut professionally for 23 years only trimming it myself periodically. I have had thyroid disease since my early twenties but would be most interested to hear any advice as to why my hair does not ever appear to get any longer. Even an extra inch would be amazing as it is so frustrating knowing that hair should grow this every two months and mine most definitely does not.

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Nikki. We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty growing your hair past a certain length. This is quite a complicated question to answer due to all the factors that can be involved with thyroid disease, such as medications you are taking, the type of thyroid disorder, nutrient absorption and also your individual metabolism. Hypothyroid can definately affect hair in up to 50% of cases, and hyperthyroid can also have a detrimental affect. We suggest that you see a trichologist for a consultation for the best advice as blood tests, a full medical history and a scalp exam will probably be needed. In the meantime though, make sure to take care of your hair with weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatments and wash your hair daily to keep your scalp in optimum condition. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  11. Justina says:

    I am 20 years old, and I can not seem to get my hair to grow more than a few inches past my shoulders. Both my sisters have very long hair. I take vitamins daily, and even take prenatal vitamins ( I am not pregnant) because i heard they help increase hair growth. I do not comb my hair when it is wet, and i always let it air dry. To be honest the only 2 things i can think of that i should not be doing are straightening it ( which i cut back on) and i get foils every 6 months. What can i do ?😦

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Justina. If you are straightening your hair very often and also going over the same areas this could be causing your hair to break off at the ends. However, hair not growing past a certain length can also be do to metabolic imbalances. We suggest you have blood tests done to check your thyroid, hormone and vitamin/mineral levels. You can either have these measured through your GP or consult with a trichologist. Even though you are taking supplements, it’s good to know if you have any deficiencies and what exactly they are (if any) – an excess of certain nutrients can cause hair problems as well. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  12. Hi, great article! I have a question. I have been using the PK products and following your advice and my hair has never looked better😀 I barely ever heat style, am gentle and use the elasticiser once a week. I still have about 3-4 inches until I get to my ideal hair length, but am getting really sick of my natural colour!! I want to get highlights but I’m afraid this will ruin my hair growth?? I notice that hair colouring was not mentioned as a common type of hair breakage here so does that mean its okay to colour while growing out? Will it still grow? Thank u!!! Xx

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Anna. Any colouring method, and bleach in particular, can cause breakage and damage to your hair. However, it won’t affect the rate of growth from your scalp and actually highlights can make your hair look thicker and give more body! We don’t suggest not colouring/bleaching your hair, you just need to take extra care to counteract and prevent damage. Use Elasticizer twice weekly (even leave it on overnight once a week) and also try not to overlap previous colour in future applications, or have it done too often. Always have highlights applied by an experienced professional, and make them aware of your concerns. In general, the lighter you go the more damaging the process. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

      • antipodeaninnycAnna says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! This has really cleared things up for me. I was also wondering if I need any other products in my arsenal ? at the moment i am using the body building shampoo and moisture balancing conditioner, and the elasticiser. my hair is quite fine (but a lot of it), wavy, processed, couple inches below collarbone. am i using the right shampoo and conditioner?

      • pkoffice01 says:

        Hi! Yes – it sounds like your are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You may also want to try Daily Damage Defence, which is a leave-in conditioning, detangling, heat protective spray, that also helps to gaurd against environmental damage!

      • kiki says:

        Hi, I am really bored with my hair and wanting to change things up. I either want to highlight it (quite heavily…) or get tape in extensions (I would do both but I feel that it would be a bit of overkill!!). In your opinion, which would be the best option to keep my hair healthy and growing? By the way, love all the Philip Kingsley products! xK

      • pkoffice01 says:

        Hi Kiki. If you want to keep your hair healthy and growing, we would suggest highlighting your hair instead of using extensions! While both can be potentially damaging and cause breakage, hair extensions can actually pull hairs from their follicles and eventually lead to permanent hair loss (traction alopecia). When highlighting, just make sure you go to an experienced professional and make them aware of your concerns. Also, use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment twice a week to keep your hair hydrated and help prevent damage. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

  13. Sivcheng says:

    now i don’t know how should i do more. My hair very thin and short for 3 years why it doesn;t growing? i try to use good shampoo good conditioner. trim or massage but resulit is still the same. pleaase help.

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hello. Thinning hair can be caused by a wide range of factors from genetics and follicle sensitivity to nutritional deficiencies, illness and metabolic imbalances. Nutritional, hormonal and metabolic factors can all be checked during a blood test, which you can request from your doctor. You may also want to book an appointment to see a trichologist who will be able to determine the cause of what is causing your hair to thin and not grow past a certain length. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  14. Nell says:

    So how do you explain my problem? I have been trying to grow my hair since I was 15, I am now 28 years old, my hair will not grow past the middle of my back, I take all B vits, zinc and iron, eat very healthy I like lots of fruit and veg and little meat, have none of the medical conditions discussed, get my hair trimmed minimally every 3 months, like 2cms and I NEVER use a hair dryer, irons or curlers, I let it dry naturally use only real moroccan oil and no other hair products, I never tie it up and I only brush it gently once every 3 days! (it doesn’t tangle and has natural wave so doesn’t need brushing) When I was 8 I had it to my bum in length and my parents made me have it cut VERY short , just touching shoulders I vowed from then on that I wanted it to my bum again, but it won’t grow! Yet because of the dye I use (have used same on for 15 years now, hair dressers one with just dye and water, no chemicals) I can see my roots growing LOADS. I really want my hair to grow!

    • pkoffice01 says:

      Hi Nell. As you don’t process or heat style your hair it’s unlikely your hair is not reaching past a certain length due to breakage. It sounds like your hair growth cycle may be being disrupted – Your hair is growing, but it’s shedding before it reaches its maximum length. You say you eat ‘little meat’, which can be a problem as hair is composed primarily of protein. You needs adequate amounts of daily dietary protein in order to sustain hair growth – at least 120g of any first class protein with breakfast and lunch (i.e. chicken, fish, eggs or lean meats). Hair shedding prematurely can also be due to hormonal and metabolic factors, so we recommend you have blood tests done by your doctor. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  15. Monique says:

    Hi this forum is very interesting. I have always had long, thick beautiful hair. In fact, if someone told me that by the time I was 25 my hair was going to have issues, I would have laughed at them. Well here I am at age 30 and my hair is so dry from the past 5 years. One day I ran my fingers thru my hair only to discover a huge chunk was super short. So I had a hair cut to blend things out. Then my hair over the past few years won’t seem to grow past my shoulders. I have only colored my hair 3 times in my life ( a darker brown than my original brown color) using Aveda’s coloring. I have NEVER used the perman. dye and only got it done without amonia so that it washes out within 12 weeks. I have seen a nutritionist, got a food allergy test, saw a iridoligist, all with no luck.

    I wash my hair every other day, using John Masters Organics shampoo/conditioner. I use a leave in conditioner, I have tried Argan, Coconut, and Sesame Oils… no luck there.

    My hair gets super tangled though after just a few hours which is so strange to me. It’s like the texture of my hair has changed.
    I don’t use a blow dryer – haven’t in about 5 years. I curl my hair maybe twice a year at the most. I never straighten it. I don’t use hairspray or gels.

    I eat an all organic diet, with grass fed local meat, free range eggs from my hens, leafy greens, protein shakes etc… I don’t like sugar and never eat processed foods.

    I didn’t cut my hair for 1.5 years to see if that would help. Then in december of 2012 I got my first trim. The stylist told me to start getting trims every few months. I have had 1 in March and am due for another one in another month. I started growing my bangs out and they were slightly above my eyebrows in december and now (may) they are almost to the end of my nose. So I know my hair must be growing… My hair is always SUPER dry though at the ends…

    I live here in the United States, can you offer any recommendations given all this information…

    thanks so much.

    I also read that maybe not getting enough fish oils in the diet can make hair dry.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Monique. It seems like you take good care of your hair, so the fact it is not growing past your shoulders might be due to an underlying imbalance. These could include low ferritin (stored iron) levels, PCOS, stress, thyroid disorders and nutritional deficiencies – have you had recent blood work done? While your diet may be healthy, some people don’t absorb nutrients efficiently. However, the only way to determine this is to see a doctor. In terms of dry hair, another thing to consider is exposure to the sun, wind and/or sea and chlorinated water. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  16. Jessica says:

    Hi. I have been trying to grow out my hair for about 4-5 years now and it hasn’t gotten pass my collar bone. I have tried every kind of vitamin pill/hair, skin, and nail pill in the book and I only found more breakage. I even used that Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner…and no growth. I have very fine, wavy hair, wash my hair every other day (as it is summer time here), and I barely use the curling iron. I was just wondering if anything more can be done to help it grow? Like, any other tricks or tips that I can try.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Jessica. If your hair is not growing past a certain length because it is breaking, use of a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment will help. Another useful tip to follow is to always remove tangles gently, starting at the ends of your hair and working up to your roots. Also, try not to ‘over-dry’ your hair when you style it. However, hair not growing beyond a certain length can also be down to improper nutrition, metabolic factors, certain medications, anaemia and low ferritin (stored iron) levels. We suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor and/or trichologist to have blood tests done, and also to have your hair & scalp evaluated. In the meantime, please have a look at our website – there’s a lot of useful information regarding hair breakage and healthy hair growth. http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  17. Chrissie Stevens says:

    Hi wondered if you could help me. I am 58 years old. Over the last couple of years my hair has been thinning and now there is a section from the crown of my head that only ever grows down to just above the nape of my kneck. Underneath sections grow ok. I have the underneath section trimmed irregularly but the crown section never catches up and if anything is becoming thinner. Please can you help? Just dont know what to do for the best. Jusy hope its not my age. I get quite jealous when I see other ladies of a similar age who have wonderful thick hair. Would appreciate any help you can give.Many Thanks

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Chrissie. Thinning hair is most commonly androgenic – whereby your hairs are sensitive to the action of circulating androgens (male hormones). However, diet, lifestyle, age, certain medications, metabolic imbalances and general health can also be contributors. We suggest you make an appointment to see a trichologist to determine the cause and best possible treatment. Rest assured though, there are many successful treatment options available for women with hair thinning. The PK Team.

  18. minz says:

    hey actually i am a medical student and have to study a lot and have no time to care for my hair i want very long hair in length but dont have time for oiling i have hairs till my shoulders but i want long hairs till my buts in 4 months as itz my uncles marrigewhat to do please suggest

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Minz. To help maintain long & healthy hair, and also to prevent breakage so that you can grow it, we suggest using a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. PK makes one called ‘Elasticizer’. As you are short on time, try leaving it on overnight and then washing it out in the morning. Other tips to help promote healthy hair growth are making sure you eat adequate protein, complex carbohydrates and iron. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

  19. Jerry Jackson says:

    I get my hair relaxed every other monthand it seems not to grow I even take biotinand my hair seems to be still breaking offso what can I do my hair faster I am 58 years old thank you

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Jerry. We suggest you use a pre-shampoo intensive conditioning treatment twice a week to restore elasticity and strength and also to prevent further breakage. We make one called ‘Elasticizer Extreme’.

  20. Allison says:

    Hey PK Team, my hair has been straight my whole life, not to thin and not too thick. I feel as though it’s gettin a little bit thinner and I notice when I brush my hair, a lot of hair gets easily pulled out; but part of my hair underneath is growing back curly, like, curly sue curly. It’s strange because I have never had that pattern of hair, and neither have my parents. It’s starting to weird me out.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Allison, excessive hair shedding can be due to a number of reasons ranging from an improper diet, iron and ferritin (stored iron) deficiency to stress and metabolic disturbances. You can have all of these levels checked through a routine blood tests done by your doctor. In terms of your hair growing back curly, are you styling differently or using different products? The PK Team.

  21. Alexandra says:

    I am 15 years old, I exercise frequently, drink water, consume plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables, and I have significantly cut back on the amount of heat I use on my hair since my last haircut; I never blow-dry it, and I maybe straighten it or curl it twice a week, with a heat protectant of course. My hair is about 5 inches past my shoulders, and is naturally VERY thick, somewhat curly, and very “puffy”, which is why I am tempted to use heat on it. My hair becomes damaged very easily, but I don’t have any split ends at the moment, nor have I had any for the past few months; however; I have found that over probably the last two or three years, my hair has not grown past this length, and I haven’t cut much off of it either. It’s very frustrating because I have been trying to grow out my hair for about two years, and since then, it has literally not grown AT ALL. I really want it to finally start growing- any suggestions?

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Alexandra. If your hair isn’t growing as long as it used to due to breakage, try using an intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment at least once a week to prevent snappage and improve manageability. Brushing hair roughly when wet, using a bristle brush and also removing tangles incorrectly can snap hair like a rubber band. Invest in a wide-tooth, vented paddle brush and a good quality comb – and always comb through your hair gently, starting at the ends and gradually working up to the roots. Also, be gentle when towel-drying by lightly squeezing excess moisture our of your hair – do not rub! A daily protective detangling spray can also be helpful, especially if your hair is curly and has the tendency to tangle. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

  22. Stephanie says:


    I am 30 years old and since I was 23 I cut my hair to my shoulders. My hair is still at my shoulders and has thinned out and my front hair is breaking, more on my left side of my face its way shorter than the right side. The right side seems to grow a little bit. I used to have naturally curly hair and long. I have thin hair that wont grow and i have the fear of going bald. My mom is a haorstylist and she doesnt even have any recommendations for me which scares me more. Nothing is working at all, I have tried alot of different things and with in months no results and latley my hair is drying up at the ends even more and now its even shorter.

    please help me

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Stephanie. We are sorry to hear you’re having problems with your hair. Hair thinning can be due to a number of underlying reasons ranging from hormonal imbalances, certain contraceptive pills and genetics to illness, thyroid disorders and nutritional deficiencies. We suggest you book a consultation with a trichologist for further advice, blood tests and appropriate treatment. Often prescription products are needed, and they can be very effective used both orally and/or topically. However, for hair breakage, weekly use of PK Elasticizer will help, as will daily use of PK Daily Damage Defence conditioning spray. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  23. Sharon Roberts says:

    Hi my name is Sharon and I am 48 years old my crown has thinned out on me I went a hair club place and they tell me I have DHT no clue on how to control it ???? Their prices r out the door ! I would love to keep my hair I would love to have long hair bt what’s more important to me now is having a full head of hair please can u help me.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Sharon. DHT, otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen (male hormone) that can cause hair thinning in women and men who have follicles sensitive to circulating normal levels. There are a few very effective treatments available for women, both topical and oral, but they need to be prescribed. We suggest you make an appointment to see a trichologist so that you can get the best help and advice – our London Clinic number is 0207-629-4004 if you wish to book a consultation. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  24. Shelby Lynn F says:

    can somebody help me!? I cut my hair to mid-neck when I get bad split ends. My hair grows super fast, about four inches in a month and a half. UNTIL it gets to a certain length and wont grow anymore. it grows the four inches and then its like it just stops.😦 I’ve always wanted really long hair, but I had my mom cut my hair to look like a boy haircut when I was in sixth grade. (I’m a Junior now.) my hair grows, splits, and then I cut it because it gets knotted easily, grows super fast, splits, and I repeat the process. I tried using different shampoos and conditioners as well as going two months without any heat products. I currently use silicone free shampoo and conditioner because it makes my hair feel more healthy. I’ve always had thin hair, my whole family does, but I feel like I’m the only one who cant get long hair. I have not tried any supplements, but I might. I just don’t understand why my hair isn’t growing like I want it to. (I heard the fingernails and hair grow because of the same supplements. My fingernails grow ungodly fast, some girls are even jealous.) I don’t know what to do, any ideas or explanations?

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Shelby. Your hair may not appear to be growing past a certain length due to breakage exceeding the rate of growth. It could also be due to the fact that you’re cutting off too much too often. To combat breakage try using a pre-shampoo moisturising treatment, such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, at least once a week. This will help restore elasticity and reduce snappage and split ends. If your hair is in better condition you won’t have to trim it is as frequently! However, if your hair is shedding before reaching the desired length, you will need further investigation through blood tests and a hair and scalp exam. Everything from nutritional deficiencies, such as iron deficiency and lack of protein, to stress and metabolic imbalances can affect the hair growth cycle. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  25. Nothando says:

    My hair easily loose relaxer it get dry and i get alot of growth and it start to break.i can afford to go to the saloon every month so what can i buy to fix my hair, i use soft n free to relax it.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Nothando. In terms of products, we suggest you use Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme twice a week to restore moisture, elasticity and shine. This is a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that will help reduce the breakage you describe. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  26. Cheryl Steving says:

    Hi there! I am 44 and recently have noticed alot of breakage in my hair. My hair is very slow to grow and always has been. However, I attributed it to my use of box dye, blow drying and curling or straightening my hair. However, my hair has gotten curlier over the past 5 years (hormones?). I have tighter curls at the nape (where of course appears shortest because of the curl tightness). So about 4 months ago, I decided to try to improve the health of my hair and improve the curl. I started using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Also my curl product is sulfate and silicone free. I do not blow dry and if I do its low heat with a diffuser (I only do maybe 1-2 times monthly). I only curl my bangs since they are somewhat straight. Also, I now henna my hair instead of box dye. The color is beautiful and I purchase from a very reputable website. So tell me why, since starting the “healthier” regimen I have the worst breakage ever? Its mostly when trying to untangle the knots when running conditioner in my hair. Maybe its my age? Maybe I just need to use a detangler? Help!!

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Cheryl. Curly hair is often more prone to breakage as it tangles easily – and removing these tangles incorrectly can cause it to snap, especially if your hair is wet. To help prevent this, always remove tangles with a wide tooth comb starting at the ends of your hair and very gently working up to your roots. You can also use a daily detangling spray to help ease them out, or a bit of conditioner. Another point to remember is that as we get older our hair often becomes drier due to decreased sebum (oil production) – this is particularly true if your hair has or is turning grey. To combat dryness and associated breakage, use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment at least once a week. We make one called Elasticizer which helps restore moisture, elasticity and shine. We hope this helps! The PK Team.

  27. Libby says:

    Hi! I’ve been following this blog for quite some time now. Here’s my problem. My hair grows 2″ a month and then it doesn’t seem to grow again until 4 – 5 months later for 1/4″ – 1/2″. In a year it averages at about 3″. When my hair is growing, my nails become extremely brittle. When my hair is simply not growing, my nails grow like weeds. They never grow at the same pace. I know that hair is supposed to grow faster/longer than nails, but my hair and nails never grow or break off at the same time. I take lots of supplements, drink plenty of water everyday, massage my scalp and eat very healthy and I get plenty of protein from making Hemp and vegetable shakes each morning. I have also gone to a couple of doctors to have my thyroid checked out. And they always say that my T3 and T4 levels are normal. I get cold very quickly and I do believe that I’m cold intolerant. I get iron from my greens shakes each morning, but I still get cold very easily. I just want my hair to grow much longer than it is and I want it to grow much faster. Is there anything that I can do to aid it in growing more consistently, longer and faster? Thank you for your time.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Libby. Getting protein and iron from plant sources is good, but you also need to be getting them from animal sources, such as lean proteins, fish, egg whites and red meat (iron). If you are a vegetarian/vegan and this is not possible, you may need specific supplements. Talk to your doctor about what would be best for you. Iron and ferritin (stored iron) deficiencies are the most common cause of hair shedding we see in women. Have you had these checked? Also, hormonal imbalances, illness, stress and certain medications can cause hair to fall out before it reaches its potential length. It should also be noted that blood readings in the high-normal and low-normal reference range can affect hair growth, as hair is not a vital tissue. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  28. Marilia says:

    Hi! Iam 20 years old. I used to have very long hair since 14 when suddendly my hair started falling. I started using specialised shampoos and taking vitamins and hair fall stopped after some months. But an other problem occured. My hair hasnt grow up since then. It doesnt reach either my shoulders. For 5 years now. I dont have it cut, i am very careful with it, it isnt broken it just doesnt grow up past this length. Moreover, from a white hair that i have i can realise that my hair grows up about 0,75 cm a month but it stops at this level. I do not have hormone problems, neither thyroid problems just low ferritin about 40 and i take iron. What should i do. Is there a solution? Why does this happen whereas i used to have long hair as a child?

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Marilia. Low ferritin can certainly cause your hair to stop growing past a certain length. It is in fact the most common cause of hair loss and hair growth problems that we see among women. As you are taking iron supplements, your ferritin levels should improve gradually – as well as the length that your hair is growing. Lack of protein in your diet can also be a factor to consider. If you are still experiencing hair growth problems after 2-3months of taking the iron supplement, please consult with a trichologist and your doctor. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  29. Laura says:

    Hi! I wondered if you could help. My hair will not grow past a certain length (chest length). I have had extensions for the past few years and have excessively dyed my hair with home dyes. For the past year however I have not coloured my hair or worn extensions however the condition does not seem to be improving. I wondered whether it would be best to have a dramamtic cut to get rid of all the damage to the ends of my hair, as it does not seem to be repairable, it is very dry, britlle, frizzy. When I wash my hair a lot comes out too.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Laura. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble growing your hair and that it is falling out. Excessive hair loss and hair not growing past a certain length can be caused by a wide number of things – ferritin deficiency, lack of protein, stress, certain medications, age, metabolic disturbances, thyroid problems and genetics are just a few. Hair extensions can cause permanent damage to the follicle if left in for an extended period of time. However, the fact that your hair is growing (albeit not past your shoulders) suggests that your problem is not being caused by your past use of them. We suggest you consult with a trichologist and also have blood tests done by your doctor to determine the cause. From blood tests you and your doctor/trichologist will be able to see if you have any nutritional deficiencies or hormonal/thyroid imbalances affecting your rate of hair growth and shedding. In terms of damage and dryness, trying using a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment at least once a week to restore elasticity and shine. We make one called ‘Elasticizer’. While cutting your hair will help it look healthier, it will not improve its rate of growth. However, removing split ends will help prevent your hair from further splitting up the shaft and causing more damage. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  30. Char says:

    Hello – can you tell me the correct amount of iron to take for healthy hair? How does iron get stored in the first place? I have taken iron tablets and I still get very cold when everyone else is either warm or comfortable. Could it be that my iron is stored? Thanks in advance!

  31. Mavis says:

    I have been keeping my hair for 5years now bt its still very short how do I get all the hair product so that my hair grows well and health I hve kink African hair and I’m in Zimbabwe

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Mavis. If your hair isn’t growing past a certain length due to breakage, we suggest you use an intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment at least once a week. We make one called ‘Elasticizer Extreme’ which helps to restore elasticity, bounce and shine to hair. It also reduces snappage, dryness and split ends. In terms of nutrition, make sure you are including enough protein, complex carbohydrates and iron in your diet. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  32. Bethany says:

    I have been trying to grow my hair for over a year now, I wah it with non silicone shampoo and a thick conditioner every other day, and I leave it to dry naturally preserving the oils and avoiding drying out with a hair dryer, and I do not straighten it at all. Everyday after my main tea on a night I take Vitamin B complex, Iron, and hair skin and nails including includes zinc, copper, vitamin A,C,D,H, kelp and silica. I’ve only been taking them a month but this last year I was on sea kelp which I never really got any result from. My hair is in lovey silky condition so I have no worries it’s snapping AT ALL but it will not for the life of me get past my shoulders! I was on femedene birth control and I’ve now stopped that incase that was a cause , and I’m coming off my anti depressants (sertraline) as few have reported hair LOSS with that. I requested a blood test from my doctors to which they said ‘we’ll just test you for everything’ and when they came back they said it was ‘fine’ so I’m very unclear indeed. Can you request where I would go from here? It’s really knocking my confidence, it’s so frustrating with it simply not growing – Bethany, 20 years old.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Bethany. We are so sorry to hear you’re having a stressful time with your hair. We think the next best step would be to see a trichologist – a specialist of the hair and scalp. We have trichological clinics in both London and New York if you wish to make an appointment. Our contact information can be found on the Philip Kingsley website: http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk/clinics/trichological-clinic/ We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  33. Kristy Crowe says:

    Hi , ive been trying to grow my hair for 4 year’s I’m 38 .I used to have thick shiny hair until I had my children . my hair keeps snapping off I do use straightening irons every day. I’ve heard taking silica tablets help hair grow faster is true? I’ve also had my ferrin levels checked and there ok.I use elastisizer once a week but my hair still breaks off .

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Kirsty. We’re sorry to hear your hair is breaking. Although Elasticizer will help reduce breakage, it will not completely stop it. Using straighteners every day will still be very damaging as the high heat depletes hair very rapidly of moisture and elasticity. We recommend you use Elasticizer twice weekly and try to cut your use of straightening irons down to as little as possible. When you do straighten your hair, always use a heat protective serum – we make one called ‘Straight Hair’. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  34. Marilia says:

    Dear pk team hi! Thanks for your answer. I have been taking iron for years, ferritin has very little improved but theres not a change with my hair. I have visited dermaologists and trichologists none of them have found a solution

  35. Gina says:

    I rarely curl my hair but I do straighten it but not everyday like a few times a week and when I do I always use heat protectant spray. Also I’ve been told that washing your hair excessively isn’t too good for your hair because your hair needs its natural oils so I don’t wash my hair every single day either and I never blow dry my hair and the last time I got a hair cut was over a year ago and it was like a little trim and it grew back to what my length was before the trim but not beyond that and everyone is telling me to get extensions but they all have nice and long hair naturally and I would rather have my own hair grow longer than use extensions but it’s not happening and I don’t know what to do I have even tried hair repair masks:/

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Gina. Washing your hair more frequently will not cause damage – it will in fact help create a healthier environment for new hair growth. It is water, not oil, content that keeps hair supple. We suggest you use a weekly intensive pre-shampoo conditioner to help minimize breakage from straightening. While hair extensions will give you immediate length, they can, over time, cause mass damage to the hair and hair follicles. The PK Team.

      • thepkteam says:

        Hi Melissa. When hair isn’t growing past the desired length, and breakage is not an issue, it could be due to diet, stress or a metabolic imbalance. We suggest you visit your doctor for blood tests to check your iron and ferritin (stored iron) levels are where they should be. Anaemia, which you said you have had in the past, can certainly cause the problems that you have described. We hope this helps. The PK Team.

  36. Debbie says:

    Hi , I always bleached my hair .. But the problem isn’t the bleach at all . I had long beautiful hair that was full and healthy . I have been in bed 9 years due to a neuro muscle life threating auto immune disease that is worse than Aids, Ms and Cancer combined . My immune system is shot . But I’ve always had this and there’s been nothing happened like that has hapoened to my hair . My hair suddenly started coming out , the texure is diff ,what is worse is my new hair growth has no elasticity and when my hair comes out so does my new hair growth .. I can’t even get my roots done .. My long hair is aweful now . Why would my hair continue to grow as well . I lost my mother that took care of me and found her dead on the couch . The trama and grief and hurt I’ve been going through is killing me . But this happened a year before I suddenly just started loosing my hair . But the hurt and pain and grief and stress still remains bad .. Along with my disease getting worse and the stress from that as well as not having family that cares enough to even worry what happens to me . As I lost 15 pounds after I lost my mommy . She was my world . But I’m asking u , Can all of this even a year after loosing my mom and severe stress cause these hair problems ? Even the new hair growth that has no elasticity and breaking off . But still grows ? I’ve never heard of that . It don’t make since , I’ve had blood work but may b not all that I need . A dermatologists told me to just buy cheap shampoo /Cond. And that’s it . Living in Wv there’s not many drs that no much . I hate to say it but it’s true . I’d appreciate any info u can offer me . Sorry for the long story . I really need some answers . Thank you very much ,

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Debbie. We are so very sorry to hear of your loss and the stress that you have been under. As hair is a non-essential tissue, it is very sensitive to any internal imbalances and upsets to your system. This means that stress, bereavement, weight loss and illness can all cause excessive hair shedding. Hair growing, but failing to reach past a certain length is quite a common occurrence. It happens when the hair growth cycle is disrupted by an internal imbalance. The hair grows, but your body is unable to support the growth for only a short amount of time – and so it falls out prematurely from the follicle. As you have been under severe stress, and have also been unwell, your nutrient levels have probably been affected. Nutrition is very important to sustaining healthy hair growth, so try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. We suggest including at least 120g in weight of a first class protein, such as chicken, eggs, fish or low fat cottage cheese at breakfast and lunch, complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, with every meal, and red meat at least twice a week. Taking a daily multi-vitamin may also be very helpful, but we advise you talk to your doctor before doing so due to your existing health condition. Investing in good quality shampoos, conditioners and intensive moisturising treatments will also help improve the strength, elasticity and integrity of existing hairs. We make a treatment called ‘Elasticizer’ that you should find will improve the hair breakage that your are experiencing. We hope that this has been of some help. Our very best, The PK Team.

  37. rahul khatri says:

    I had a hair cut in january and now its may and my hair growth is very slow about 1.5 inch. I never had any major health issues and i hardly get sick. Please help me out.

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Rahul,

      You can try and boost hair growth by eating plenty of protein and iron in your diet, whilst also taking food supplements such as PK4 and Tricho Complex. Using a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment such as our Elasticizer will also help keep the hair you have healthy and strong, to reduce breakage and encourage healthy growth. Thanks The PK Team.

  38. chasitie says:

    Hi. My hair has been the same length for years now and doesn’t seem to grow at all but when I dye it my roots come back quick so I know it must be growing. I tried cutting the ends (once a year) and it’s the same. And to Me it seems to just be getting shorter without cutting it. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m tired of it not growing. And also one side is shorter than the other (that’s how I know it seems to be getting shorter on it’s own) because you can tell one side is way longer. And my hair is really curly. Please help me any ideas?

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Chasitie,

      It may be that some of the hair is damaged and breaking, which is why there are different lengths. Try using our deep conditioning treatment Elasticizer, as well as our daily leave in conditioner Daily Damage Defence in order to keep hair healthy and strong, and reduce breakage. You can also try our Trichotherapy Regime that helps with hair growth. The 3 step regime is a unique combination of scalp drops, protein spray and food supplements that encourage healthy hair from the inside out. Thanks The PK Team http://www.philipkingsley.com/best-sellers/trichotherapy/trichotherapy-regime.html

  39. My hair grows extremely slowly, but I have a particular problem at the back of my head. When the hairdresser holds a mirror up at the back to show me, it goes up in an inverted V shape. I have no idea why. I’ve tried cutting all my hair straight across to the same level, but within a few months it will happen again. The sides will grow down, but the back either doesn’t grow or is breaking off. Do you have any ideas why this might be happening? It’s really frustrating😦

    • thepkteam says:

      Hi Jessica,

      It’s not immediately clear why this would be happening. The best advice we can give is to consult a Trichologist who will be able to give a thorough consultation and diagnosis. Other things you can do are ensure you have the optimum diet for hair growth by eating plenty of protein and also taking food supplements such as our PK4 and Tricho Complex http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk/tricho-complex-step-3.html. Thanks, The PK Team.

  40. Cathy says:

    Hi I’m in my later 50’s my hair is really baby fine and its long to my butt but I have been shedding for a while my dr ran all the test and I have a b12 shot every month I take zinc220 everyday, but my hair falls out washing brushing raking my hand through it even, I love my hair and I haven’t and don’t trim it for the last 10 yrs, its growing fine but its falling out any help? I use pantene shampoo & conditioner never blow dry curl most I roll it up with my hand and put it in a bun on top of my head I use stay on conditioner alot, Coconut oil too, any other things you can think of may help? Cathy

    • thepkteam says:


      We’re sorry to hear about your hair shedding, this is such a traumatising issue. We would definitely recommend Trichotherapy to help with hair loss. http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk/best-sellers/trichotherapy/trichotherapy-regime.html. As you are already taking B12 and Zinc we would advise that you consult your doctor first to ensure you are taking the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals. Combine this with regular intake of protein such as read meat and eggs to help encourage strong, healthy hair – correct nutrition is vital for the hair. We would also recommend Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner to help volumise the hair that you have, and also contribute to the health of the hair for the long term.

      Thanks, The PK Team.

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