Hair Fall in the Spring

Spring: the time of year when new shoots emerge marking vitality and new life. But does our hair follow nature’s growth pattern?

As you’ll know from brushing your hair, or just wetting it in the shower, it is entirely natural for hair to fall out. Your may be surprised to know that your whole head of hair is replaced every four years or so in a continual cycle of growth and fall. A hair remains in its growth phase for approximately four years. Thus for anybody to notice a difference in their overall hair volume –without a lot of hair fall- it must have begun three to four years earlier.

Some people, however, notice an increase in their hair fall at certain times of the year. There are, in fact, seasons for extra human hair fall. These are spring and autumn, when extra hair loss may last four to six weeks, which is nothing to worry about since you’d need to lose about 15 percent of hair volume before it is even noticed.

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