Diet is incredibly important to hair growth and health. In fact, a nutritional deficiency will likely show up first in your hair before it is seen anywhere else. This is because hair is a non-essential tissue and so your body will never send energy, vitamins or minerals its way if an essential tissue needs them. … Continue reading

6 Easy New Year’s Resolutions For Beautiful Hair


1. I will remove tangles gently, starting at my ends Removing tangles starting at the ends of your hair not only reduces breakage & split ends, but it’s much easier! For extra help, use a light-weight detangling spray. 2. I will eat protein with breakfast Protein levels are lowest to your follicles first thing in … Continue reading

Eggs: The Perfect Hair Protein.


It’s British egg week, which makes all of us at Philip Kingsley very happy indeed! Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse and are exceedingly good for your hair due to their high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals! The ‘Perfect’ Protein It could be said that eggs are the ‘perfect protein’ for you hair. The amino … Continue reading

Hair Healthy British Foods for British Food Fortnight


In light of it being British Food Fortnight, we’ve decided to share our favourite British foods that are not only delicious, but nourishing for your hair! Roast Beef Roast beef contains iron, a nutrient essential in promoting healthy hair growth. Lack of iron or stored iron (ferritin) can disrupt your hair growth cycle, cause your … Continue reading

Women’s Hair Loss: Why instances of hair loss among women are increasing.

blog image woman hair loss

Hair loss in women? It’s actually much more common than you might think – and from what we have seen in our trichological clinics, and from outside surveys, there has been an increase in hair loss amongst women during the past decade. This could simply be down to the fact that the subject of hair loss has … Continue reading