DIY Cold Weather Scalp Toner!


Have you noticed that your skin gets drier and flakier when it’s cold outside? Well, your scalp can suffer from the same annoyance! To keep your tresses in check during this freezing weather we have put together a DIY recipe to soothe your scalp woes.  Shake together equal quantities of witch hazel and mouth wash … Continue reading

Re-Vamp Your Hair for Valentine’s Day

Vday featured image

As Valentine’s Day less than 12 hours away – and you may well be stressing about the state of your tresses – we thought we’d give you a very easy way to revitalise your hair overnight! While many of you know to leave Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on for 20 minutes to an hour for a … Continue reading



Hair unfortunately gets thinner as you age. A common misconception is that grey hair is coarser, but in fact grey hairs are usually finer in diameter. This is because oils glands tend to produce less sebum as you get older, which dries the hair giving you the appearance of coarseness. We suggest you use both … Continue reading

DIY Anti-Dandruff Scalp Toner


Clearing common dandruff is easy. Using an anti-itching, anti-flaking shampoo and scalp toner can do wonders and will clear dandruff in most people. Philip Kingsley makes two anti-dandruff products, Flaky/Itchy Shampoo and Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, which are both award winning and have received amazing reviews. They contain the ingredient ‘piroctone olamine’ – an anti-microbial that … Continue reading